CyanogenMod Shutdown and re branded themselves as Lineage OS recently there are no developments mode to CyanogenMod but further development from here will happen on the CyanogenMod code but in the name of Lineage OS. 

The Official Lineage OS ROM hasn't been developed yet but they have been updating the source code in their GitHub Repository. The good news is that developers have been working around the clock to bring Lineage OS early to the Devices and LG Nexus 5 (hammerhead) has got its unofficial Lineage OS ROM. All thanks to the developers razorloves and p4rot.

Disclaimer:-This is an early build and may not be stable heck! it may not even boot. Have a complete backup before Flashing this. Try this at your own risk you could even brick your phone

Note:- All the required Links are at the end of this post.

Install Lineage OS on LG Nexus 5

1) You Need to have a Unlocked bootloader and have a custom recovery like TWRP flashed. If you haven't already done then there is an article on how to flash TWRP and root Nexus 5 read it here

2) Take a Complete Backup of your Device. This is the most important step as if you screw up something you'll have a complete backup so you can restore to the previous state. Here is a video on How to Backup your android.

3) Download Lineage OS for LG Nexus 5 From Here From here for p4rot's Build (currently Updated Daily), or download from here for razorloves Build

4) Download Gapps for google apps from here. 

5) Copy the downloaded files to the internal storage of your LG Nexus 5.

6) Shut down your Android device and then hold Volume Down and Power button simultaneously to boot into recovery.Power On TWRP

8) Go back to the home page of the TWRP then tap on -->"Install", then navigate to the folder where you have copied the Lineage OS rom and the Gapps file which you downloaded before.TWRP Install Lineage OS

9) Select the -->"Lineage OS rom zip file" and then click on -->"Add More Zip Files", then select the -->"Open Gapps Zip File", then swipe to confirm the flash and wait until it gets completed. Have patience as it may take 5-20 minutes for installation. Lineage OS and Open Gapps

11) Now select your Language and configure your device like you would do when you have brought an new Android.

12) While configuring your google account if you are redirected back to the first stage of configuration then disconnect from the wifi and turn of your Mobile data and skip google account configuration for now and you will be good to go!


Unlock bootloader and flash TWRP :-

TWRP for LG Nexus 5 :-

Lineage OS for LG Nexus 5 :-

Build by razorloves:-

Build By p4rot (Updated Daily):-

Gapps for LG Nexus 5 :-

razorloves GitHub Profile:-

Source code for Lineage OS for LG Nexus 5 :-

I didn't Install this as I don't have an LG Nexus 5 device and the Images may be different for you but the procedure will be 99% same below is the video where i install lineage OS on OnePlus 2 its just for reference. if you have any problem watch the video.

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