Install Kali Linux on Your Computer

    Want to start Hacking then the first thing you need to mind is getting used to Linux based Operating systems and we prefer Kali Linux so called Hackers Operating systems because it comes with all the Required tools to start hacking pre installed later you could learn few  programming languages.

    In this tutorial I'll be explaining how to directly install  Kali Linux on to the hard disk or SSD That's in your PC/laptop. Keep in mind to take a full backup because this could completely delete all the files on your computer.

    we recommend that you use an separate hard disk or SSD for this else you can always use this on Virtual Box  or Vmware or by Live booting Kali Linux from USB without having any problem and if you want to still do this you can but be careful and have a complete backup.

    Disclaimer: we wont be responsible for your data loss or for anything that you do with your computer with the provided Info.

    Moving On, The latest version of Kali Linux is 2016.2  and i have explained how to install that using USB In the below video. if you face an CD-rom problem just remove your usb and insert it after 5 seconds as said in the video.If you still face problems you can comment down below or visit our Facebook Group post questions there to get help as quick as possible.

    Install Kali Linux on Your Computer

    Watch the video directly on YouTube :

    Download Links:

    Linux Live USB Creator:

    Kali Linux ISO Image:

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