Google Play Protect : Google’s version of Malware Bytes for Android

    Google has now rolled out its new security system, Google Play Protect. Which should now be available on any phone with the latest version of Google Play Services.

    Google Play Protect first announced in May back at Google I/O as a revamped and more consumer friendly version of the old “Verify Apps” system, with the same goal to protect your device from harmful apps.

    Play Protect requires the device to have Google Play Services 11 or higher. Also the apps you download from PlayStore pass through Play Protects Malware Scanning before installing on your device.

    If it detects any malware, Play Protect can stop the app from running and issue a warning in the notification area. In worst case scenario it can even uninstall the app from your device on its own.

    You can find Play Protect in your Device Settings > Google > Security > Google Play Protect. The user interface is much simpler & lets you know how many apps were scanned, when the scan occurred and lets you know if it finds any harmful apps.

    Google play protect settings

    Google is constantly scanning apps to make sure they are safe and now Play Protect will scan your device round the clock and detect apps with suspicious behaviour. But don’t think as Play protect to be your one stop solution, be cautious while downloading apps from unknown sources, also if you regularly sideload apps on your device beware as Play protect will send information about the unknown apps to Google’s server for analysis.

    Play Protect is still in roll out process, Once the rollout completes, you’d be able to see Play Protect in Google Play Store menu and in the app update page.Google Play protect features

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