Install Kali Linux on VMware

    Many of us are interested in Hacking so in this article I have shown how you can install and use kali linux so called the Hackers OS on an virtual machine (Vmware)

    Below video Shows How to install Kali linux on Vmware (Scroll down for links)

    Install Kali Linux on VMware

    Every thing is good here but as Vmware Workstation is an Paid Version (there is a free version of vmware called Vmware Player) and its hard to pay for some but there is a free alternative called as oracle virtual box   Click here to check how to install kali linux on virtual box.


          Vmware Player :-    

          Vmware Workstation :

          Kali Linux Vmware Image:

    Bonus LINKS:

         The complete Wifi Hacking series:

         How To Install Kali Linux on Oracle Virtual Box :

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