Microsoft’s Edge Browser In Windows 10 Was Hacked in ’18 Seconds’

    If you have ever been in the game of bug hunting you would have probably heard about PwnFest. If you don’t then Pwnfest is a bug pwning ‘festival’ for better security organized by POC where Security Firms and Hackers target different platforms. They receive a cash prize and the Platform developers get to know the vulnerability in their software So a Win to Win for both. And this was the first time VMware Workstation 12.5.1 was targeted.

    Microsoft Edge Hacked

    At PwnFest 2016 held in Seoul, Hackers from the security firm Qihoo 360 who are also the developers of ‘360 Total security‘ and an highly talented South Korean hacker Lokihardt were able to hack the edge browser. And the second one was completed in just 18 Seconds! Both won $140,000 the register reported.

    The computers were running Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, These exploits were based on an System-Level code execution in the web-browser which actually runs malicious code below the user layer, grating the Hacker restricted access.

    The Qihoo 360 team was working for this exploit for 6 months from march to find 4 exploits but unfortunately the team has to revise the code just 30 hours prior to the event as Microsoft had actually patched 3 out the 4 exploits.

    As said this was the fist time VMware Workstation 12.5.1 was targeted, this was also carried out by another Qihoo 360 team and Lee who won $150,000 for the exploits.

    Well there are many more devices and platforms which got hacked and we’ll be getting onto that soon in our next few posts, and the details of this attacks are not revealed yet but will soon be published once the developers of the appropriate platforms patch their software’s, So stay Tuned if you want to learn more about these attacks.

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