Lineage OS Now Available For OnePlus 2

    CyanogenMod has been the king of Custom Roms for android for a while now as most of you may know that the CyanogenMod is shutting down on 31st of December  and they also announced a new OS name Lineage OS which practically replaces CyanogenMod.

    It's Just been days since the the team announced Lineage OS for which the source codes  can be found here. Though the codes were only available for OnePlus devices at first but now they have support for many other devices.

    Even though there has been no official builds from the CyanogenMod or now called Lineage OS team there are developers who are building Lineage OS for various devices. (Links for others devices will be up soon in an new post). Oneplus 2 got the build just hours ago writing the post thanks to the developer named "daktak" there are two builds currently available the second build was released just after hours from the first build.

    Download Link for Lineage OS for OnePlus 2 :- 

    Clik here for Official Lineage OS

    Note:- that these builds are Unofficial builds which are actually built by enthusiastic developers and these may contain plenty bugs so it is advised to be installed only if you know what you're actually doing!

    Install Lineage OS On your OnePlus 2


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